Insurance Package

A unique insurance programme, which includes protection against a wide range of insurance risks.

Benefits of the Insurance Package Product

  • Simplicity and convenience of acquisition – just buy the insurance package product at any Sberbank branch and activate it yourself over the phone or on the website of the insurance company.
  • Maximum content – the customer can select the optimum set of insurance products and obtain protection against a wide range of insurance risks.
  • Optimum period of insurance protection – the customer receives insurance protection for 1 year following the acquisition of the insurance package product.
  • High sum insured – with low cost of the product, the customer receives a large limit of insurance compensation.
  • Protection from a reliable insurance company – with the acquisition of the insurance product at a branch of the Bank, the customer can be confident in their choice of insurance company. Sberbank values its customers and collaborates only with leading, reliable insurers.

Depending on the content, the programme protects:

  • Property interests and liability;
  • The customer's bankcards;
  • The customer and his/her family against accidents;
  • The financial interests of the customer when travelling in Russia and abroad;
  • Personal belongings against the risk of loss/theft.