Accident and Illness Insurance

This will help you and your family members to obtain financial assistance in the event of unforeseen health-related circumstances.

The Insured Person

Life and health of an individual in case of accident, sickness, disability or death. The beneficiary may be both the Bank and any other person designated by the insured.

Insured Events

  • Death of the insured (borrower) as a result of accident or illness.
  • Disability of the insured (borrower) and his/her designation as 1st or 2nd group disability as a result of accident or disease.

Sum Insured

  • On the first day of the insurance contract, the sum insured is equal to the initial loan amount, but no more than RUB 3 million.
  • On the second and subsequent days – the amount of debt held by the person as of the date of the insured event, but no more than RUB 3 million.

The Insurance Premium

The annual insurance premium is 0.8 – 1.8% of the sum insured.
The commission fee for joining the insurance programme is calculated individually based on the period, sum insured and insurance programme.

How to insure yourself:

  1. Tell an operator at a branch of the Bank that you want to conclude an insurance contract.
  2. Review the Rules/Terms of insurance in any branch of the Bank.
  3. Sign the insurance contract (policy) and pay the insurance premium.