Individual Pension Plans

Secure a "second", private pension by saving your own funds.

Individual pension plans under private pension provision contracts are programmes for those who want to receive a private pension in addition to their state pension. This is an additional guarantee for preserving the quality of your life and the lives of your loved ones after the end of the working period. The individual pension plan allows you independently to determine the amount of your future pension.

Sberbank Private Pension Fund offers INDIVIDUAL PENSION PLANS (IPP) to:

  • Those whose earnings exceed the maximum amount (568 thousand roubles/year), on which the employer pays insurance premiums;
  • Professionals engaged in private practice without maintaining an employment record book (designers, architects, IT specialists, etc.);
  • Representatives of small businesses whose contributions to the Mandatory Pension Insurance system are not sufficient for creating the minimum social guarantees or non-existent;
  • Those who want and can ensure a comfortable future for their relatives and friends;
  • All those who cannot rely on a state pension for different reasons.

Benefits of IPP

IPP is simple

  • IPP is based on the private pension provision contract with Sberbank Private Pension Fund.
  • During the entire period of the private pension provision contract, Sberbank Private Pension Fund will inform the customer on an annual basis of the results of its activities, including the investment activities.
  • You can begin to receive your private pension following the occurrence of any pension provision grounds or later.
  • You can conclude a private pension provision contract at branches of Sberbank of Russia regardless of where you live and work.

IPP is profitable

  • The cumulative yield on private pension provision contracts for 2000 – 2011 was 319%, which is 23% higher than the cumulative inflation for the same period (296%)*.
  • With IPP, you can use the social tax deduction.
  • You can bequeath savings to your heirs.
  • A private pension is not subject to individual income tax.
  • Payment deadlines and the amount of premiums are determined individually by the customer, who can determine the amount of private pension while Sberbank Private Pension Fund will calculate the amount of premiums.

IPP is convenient

  • You can get advice on IPP, conclude a private pension provision contract, submit application to change your personal information or details at your nearest Sberbank of Russia branch.
  • You can pay premiums through your employer, or in person without any commission fee at any Sberbank of Russia branch or by issuing a standing order to transfer the premiums from your account opened at Sberbank.
  • You can receive your private pension without any commission fee at any Sberbank of Russia branch.
  • To get information on the status of the account, you can use the free Personal Customer Account service on the website of Sberbank Private Pension Fund at

* Yields for the past periods do not guarantee profitability in the future. The state does not guarantee the profitability of placed pension reserves and investments of pension savings. Please read carefully the Charter of the Fund, its pension and insurance rules before entering into a pension contract and transferring your pension savings to the Fund.

  1. Contact the branch office of Sberbank of Russia or Sberbank Private Pension Fund.
  2. Submit your passport to the employee if you are creating an IPP for yourself or an identity document (passport, birth certificate) of another person, if the IPP is being created for others.
  3. Specify the terms of IPP:
    • Amount, frequency and deadlines of pension premium payments or the amount, frequency and periods of private pension payment;
    • Procedure of succession (inheritance);
    • Other terms and conditions in accordance with the Pension Rules of Sberbank Private Pension Fund and applicable laws.
  4. Sign with Sberbank Private Pension Fund a private pension provision contract in your favour and/or in favour of a third party (your family and loved ones).
  • The customer pays the premiums, Sberbank Private Pension Fund places them in various securities and receives investment income.
  • Premiums of the customer and no less than 85% of income received by Sberbank Private Pension Fund are recorded in the customer account.
  • At the retirement age, the customer (or the person designated in the private pension provision contract) receives the pension, the amount of which is calculated based on the amount of pension premiums and income earned by Sberbank Private Pension Fund, or established in the private pension provision contract.
  • In the period of payment, the pension of the customer is indexed with the income received from Sberbank Private Pension Fund.

Sberbank Private Pension Fund is ranked among the TOP 10 largest private funds in Russia and has operated in the pension market since 1995. The aggregate contribution of the founders is RUB 620 million, pension assets are more than RUB 46 billion, and more than 1.5 million people are the customers of Sberbank Private Pension Fund.

The founder, Sberbank of Russia, is one of the most reliable and largest banks in Russia.