The derivatives market is a key part of the global financial market. For many years, it appeals not only to professional financial market participants, but also to private investors, who are attracted by its boundless opportunities at moderate cost. The turnover of the derivatives market in developed markets has long been exceeding the trading volume in the markets of underlying assets.

FORTS is the largest exchange platform for derivatives trading in Russia.  Following 2009, FORTS was ranked as one of the TOP 10 derivatives exchanges in the world.

The futures and options market in FORTS combines advanced infrastructure, high reliability and liquidity, as well as modern technology and a significant number of participants.

Benefits of the FORTS derivatives market:

  • Transactions are available both for investors with limited funds and for major customers
  • A wide range of instruments allows speculative trading, as well as hedging positions against the risks of adverse price change
  • A leverage effect because collateral value is many times less than the cost of the forward contract
    High level of liquidity
  • No costs for covering depository services

Currently, the following types of RTS derivatives market instruments are available to Sberbank customers:

  • Equity futures contracts
  • Foreign exchange futures contracts
  • MosPrime Rate Futures Contracts
  • RTS Index Futures Contracts

You can connect to the FORTS trading system after accepting the Conditions for the Provision of Brokerage Services by Sberbank of Russia. To make transactions on the FORTS derivatives market, you need to select the service option that includes the use of the QUIK remote access system.

Information about the tariffs charged by Moscow Exchange OJSC MICEX-RTS on the FORTS market is presented on the website of Moscow Exchange Group.