The Main Market Sector of the Moscow Exchange Group is a leading Russian stock exchange platform. For many years, it has been the centre of liquidity for Russian securities and the main stock exchange platform for international investments in shares and bonds of Russian companies. According to the Moscow Exchange Group, it accounts for over 80% of equity trading volume and over 99% of bond trading volume. In addition, the stakes of mutual funds can also be traded in the Sector. More than 1,400 securities of about 700 Russian issues are traded daily. Thus, the list of traded instruments meets the interests of all investor categories, regardless of their "risk appetite".

Virtually all professional securities market participants trade on this platform. According to the information of the Moscow Exchange Group, more than 650 organisations trade on the Main Market Sector - professional security market players servicing more than 800 thousand investors (legal entities and individuals).

The value of securities established in the trading in the Main Market sector of the Moscow Exchange Group forms the basis for revaluation of securities portfolios by market participants.

Trading in this sector is organised in electronic format subject to full depositing of funds and securities by trading participants. Trading is connected to regional trading platforms and remote terminals. Transactions in the most popular ТО mode are performed on the day of their closing.

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