A phone order is submitted to the centralised trade desk of Sberbank of Russia.

The Trade Desk phone number is stated on the Investor's Code Table plastic card that your received upon signing the brokerage agreement. The federal number with the 8-800 code is only intended for calls within the Russian Federation. We recommend that you clarify with the Trade Desk in advance the phone number for calls from abroad.

An order is accepted by phone for the period of one day (for the current stock exchange session).

Dear customer serviced under the Independent tariff plan,

Please note that when you submit orders by phone you need to pay for this service in accordance with the Bank's rates.

The times for receiving trade orders (application/ instruction to cancel the application) by phone at the Sberbank trade desk*:

  • 09:45 - 10:00 (Moscow time) - for operations performed in the Main Market Sector (pre-trading period)
  • 10:00 - 18:45 (Moscow time) - for operations performed in the Main Market Sector (trade session)
  • 18:45 - 18:50 (Moscow time) - for operations performed in the Main Market Sector (post-trading auction)
  • 10:00 - 23:50 (Moscow time) - for futures transactions performed on the FORTS market

From customers using the Focus automatic Internet trading system, and from customers who have not enabled the Internet trading service, trade orders are accepted from 9.00 a.m. Moscow time to 6.50 p.m. Moscow time.

*Hereinafter the working hours of the service shall depend on the rules and regulations of the respective exchange house and may be changed accordingly.

Non-trade orders for withdrawal/transfer of funds and/or transfer of securities from the trading section of the custody account are accepted by phone by Sberbank Trade Desk:

  • 10:00 - 17:55 (Moscow time) - from clients using the Quik Internet trading system
  • 09:00 - 17:55 (Moscow time) - from clients using the Focus automated Internet trading system and also clients who do not use the Internet trading service at all

Orders submitted to the Trade Desk by phone

  • State your contract code.

The Agreement Code is a five-unit set of digits and letters of the Latin alphabet (for example, 4D11J). You can see your Agreement Code in the notice that you received upon signing the brokerage agreement.

  • The broker will ask you to give one of the twenty passwords provided in the "Investor's Code Table".

The passwords are reusable. Each time the password is selected by the program at random. The protection layer for all twenty passwords may be preliminarily cancelled.

  • At the broker's request, you tell him/her the password corresponding to the number provided by the broker.

The ten digits of the password are more convenient to pronounce two digits at a time, quickly and without pauses.

  • The broker will confirm that your password is correct. In this case, you can submit your order.
  • Tell the broker the following order details:

1. For trade orders:

  • Trading system where the transaction shall be performed
  • Security name
  • Kind of transaction (purchase/sale)
  • "Exercise price", i.e. the cost paid to the Bank for performing the transaction
  • Number of securities or transaction amount
  • The broker will repeat to you all significant details of your order and ask you to confirm them.
  • The number of securities is recommended to be stated in lots; the standard amount of a lot is established by the respective trading system.

Dear Customer, please note!

If you have activated the margin trading (unsecured transactions) service, we recommend that when placing orders "for the full amount" you tell the broker if you are going to make a transaction using your own assets or using borrowed funds ("leverage").

2. For non-trade orders:

  • Name of the trading system
  • Amount of funds/ name and number of securities
  • The broker will repeat to you all significant details of your order and ask you to confirm them.

Dear Customer, please note!

The order with the details specified by the Broker is entered into the system. Please take care! In the event of an error, interrupt the broker and check the order detalis.

If the broker tells you the correct details, you should, at the broker's request, confirm the they are correct by any word or phrase that unambiguously expresses confirmation, e.g. "Yes", "All Correct", "Agree", "Confirm", etc. You do not need to repeat the order details. 
After your confirmation, the broker enters the order in the trading system.

Dear Customer, please  note!

Conventional orders/instructions to cancel conventional orders are not accepted by phone.

Dear Customer,

All calls to the Trade Desk are recorded.

Dear Customer,

In the process of communication, the Broker may provide you with information about:

  • The type and number of securities on your depositary account
  • The amount of available funds that can be used in your brokerage operations
  • Best purchase/ sale prices of securities you are interested in
  • Applications made and transactions performed
  • The Broker does not provide any trading recommendations

Written approval of the trade orders made by phone

If you have placed trade orders by phone, you should confirm such orders in writing.

In accordance with the requirements of the Federal Financial Markets Service and Regulations on Provision of Brokerage Services by Sberbank of Russia (the text of Regulations is presented on the Sberbank website in the section "Brokerage Services"), which you accepted by signing the brokerage service agreement, trade orders made by phone should be signed by the Investor within a month following their transfer to the broker for execution.

To sign the submitted phone trade orders, you need to apply to the office where you signed the brokerage agreement.

When you apply, the bank employee is to prepare a Register of trade orders submitted by phone for the period from the date of the previous confirmation.

You should verify the document submitted and sign it if you agree.

Dear Customer, please note!

If you do not confirm in writing the trading orders made by phone within a month from their submission to the broker, the Bank shall suspend acceptance of orders by phone until the said documents have been signed.

Submission of Orders in Simple Written Form

You may submit an order to Sberbank in hard copy, if such method of submission is provided for by your service option and tariff plan.

The hard copy order is submitted to the office where you signed the brokerage agreement.

In your hard copy order you can specify its validity period: one day (current trade session), for a period (of no more than 30 calendar days following the date of order submission).

Dear Customer,

Please note that when submitting an application (but not including cancellation of an application) in hard copy you are to pay for this service at the Bank's rates. The date of submission of your order in hard copy must coincide with the date of payment. One list may contain several applications for various transactions.

The application in hard copy is accepted by a Bank employee together with the payment document confirming the payment for the service.