Starting from July 1, 2012, Sberbank is offering its clients using the brokerage services access to market information and client account information from their mobile devices.

Access to market information means:

  • The ability to view online quotations of securities traded on available trading platforms
  • The ability to plot graphs for attractive instruments
  • The ability to obtain news from information agencies

Access to the customer's account means:

  • Balance of funds transferred to the brokerage account and balance of securities on the custody trade subaccount (examination of the current state of the client's portfolio)
  • Registered applications (with the status tracking)
  • Transactions made in the current trade session

This application works on Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices. The application is placed both in the Google Play (Android Market) service and in the AppStore service. Customers may download and install it on their device free of charge.

Access to the brokerage account from a mobile device is provided for a connection fee of RUB 850 (no monthly fee is charged).

To enable the service, please apply to your servicing Bank office.