Before getting started, you should download and install the following programs:

  • FPSU IP-client distribution kit (Amikon, installation driver VPN-Key, 1.1 MB) –,
  • QUIK distribution kit (14.1 MB) –

As part of the Internet trading service, the customer may submit online applications for the purchase and sale of shares, mutual investment funds and derivatives contracts on the MICEX-RTS Stock Exchange through QUIK.

To start this service option, after making a brokerage agreement you need to install the Internet trading system. To switch from FOCUS IVonline to Internet trading via the QUIK system, please contact your nearest service location.

To do this, after you receive a VPN key in the service office, install a VPN-Key driver and restart your computer.

After restarting, enable the VPN-Key, enter the PIN code to access its functions, and start working with QUIK.

The distribution kit can be downloaded here: QUIK distribution kit (14.1 MB). Install the program on your hard disk (the program should load automatically). Launch the program following the instructions.

The confidentiality and integrity of applications when they are transferred via the Internet are ensured by encryption tools (authentication codes) certified by the competent authorities of the Russian Federation. The Bank's information protection licences are provided in the About Sberbank section (Documents subsection). There, you can find the certificates issued by the Federal Security Service for the cryptographic tools for information protection used by the Bank.