If you wish to transfer funds to your brokerage account, you may do so in several ways:

  • Wire transfer from your account opened with Sberbank of Russia:
    Submission of a payment order to the operations department of the Bank where your bank account is opened
    Using the Sberbank Online remote access system
  • Wire transfer from your bank account opened with another credit organisation.

To transfer Russian roubles to your brokerage account, use the details specified in the notice issued to you by the Bank upon signature of the brokerage agreement:
INN (Taxpayer Identification Number): 7707083893
BIC: 044525225
Correspondent account: 30101 810 4 0000 0000225
Beneficiary Bank: Sberbank of Russia
Beneficiary Account: 30301 810 2 0000 6000034
Beneficiary: USOFR
Participant code: 0000050000 (indicated when payments are made from an account opened with Sberbank of Russia)

In addition, the payment order must contain the following information:

  • Precise name of the trading system where operations shall be performed
  • The five character contract code, assigned to you when you were making the brokerage service agreement. The Agreement Code is indicated in the notice issued to you.

Examples of filling out the Basis/Type/Purpose of Payment field:

  • "MICEX Stock Exchange TS, Contract Code = __ __ __ __ __" - for performance of operations with corporate shares, as well as subfederal, municipal and corporate bonds;
  • "FORTS TS, Contract Code = __ __ __ __ __" - for the performance of operations with futures contracts.
  • If you are going to make over-the-counter transactions (OTC TS) with securities denominated in foreign currency (EUR, USD, CHF), you may learn about the details of Sberbank currency accounts at the Bank's website www.sberbank.ru, in the "Brokerage Services" section, or at the department where the brokerage services are provided to you. In this case, in the Basis/Type/Purpose of Payment field, you indicate "TS OTS, Agreement Code = __ __ __ __ __".