Sberbank Promissory Notes (Bills)

A note (bill) is a security, a written monetary obligation executed in a strictly established form that entitles its owner (bill holder) to receive the amount specified in it from the debtor in a certain place.

A Sberbank Promissory Note is used:

  • for quick and convenient settlements for goods, work or services;
  • for a profitable investment of money to receive income;
  • as collateral for a loan issued by the Bank or as a guarantee.

Sberbank Promissory Notes are executed on forms that have a high degree of protection from forgery and are printed by GOZNAK Moscow Printing House (Federal State Unitary Enterprise).
Sberbank of Russia has created an electronic base for all issued notes.
A bill may be transferred to another person by means of an endorsement. An endorsement is placed and signed by the bill holder or an attorney on the back of the bill.
Each endorsement must have a serial number. Partial endorsement is invalid.

Note! Sberbank (its branches) does not avalise* bills issued by third-party issuers.

* Avalisation of a bill is a bank guarantee for the organization that issued the bill with which the bank is in partner relations.

Sberbank bills are issued by the Bank's structural divisions authorized to make transactions with bills.

Bills are issued based on an Issuance Agreement.

At the customer's option the Agreement may be made in one branch of the Bank and bills issued by a branch located in another city.