Car Loan

Provided for buying a new or used car of a domestic or foreign make. 
The car loan may be received without confirmation of income and employment.

  • Loan amount: max RUB 5,000,000
  • Initias instalment: from 15%
  • Loan Term: up to 5 years

Loan specifics:

  • Up to 5 million roubles without confirmation of income and employment* 
  • Buying a domestic or foreign car: both new and used**
  • Without fees
  • Quick decision on issuing a loan:
    - within 2 hours — for customers who receive their salaries on the account held with Sberbank;
    - within 1–2 business days — in other cases***.
  • An opportunity to attract the spouse as a co-borrower subject to the cumulative income of both spouses
  • An opportunity to receive a credit card of your choice:

    - non-personalised Visa Credit Momentum / MasterCard Credit Momentum instant card with a limit of up to 150,000 roubles.
    - personalised credit card with a limit of up to 200,000 roubles.

The credit card may be issued after the approval and receipt of the car loan.

* On condition of an initial instalment of 30% of the cost of the car with additional equipment. 
** If you buy a used car, its age as of the date of the loan agreement must be: 
  - for domestic and Chinese cars — no more than 5 years; 
  - for other cars — no more than 10 years. 
*** This period may be extended for 2 business days if the seller's car dealership is to be inspected.