For those who need to transfer cash funds urgently to Belarus or Kazakhstan without opening a bank account.
You may make a transfer and receive the transferred funds at Sberbank offices only.
Transfer processing time — 10 minutes.

Main Information

CurrencyRUB, USD, EUR
Maximum amountAn amount equivalent to USD 5,000 — for residents, an amount equivalent to USD 10,000 — for non-residents.
Transfer processing time10 minutes (1 hour at most)
Transfer cancellation optionThe transfer may be recalled before it is called up by the recipient.
Transfer feeRUB 150

Transfer fee 

The sender shall pay1.50% of the transfer amount, minimum amount — RUB 150 and maximum amount — 100 c.u. (or the equivalent amount in another currency).
The receiver shall pay1% of the transfer amount.
  1. Contact any Sberbank office that performs Colibri transfers (see the branch list). You will need to present/submit:
    • Identity document (e.g., passport);
    • Recipient's full name;
    • Optionally: Recipient's mobile phone number to get free of charge text message notification of transfer status.
  2. Tell the bank officer the transfer details.
    Optionally, the sender may specify the following:
    • Security question. In this case the transfer recipient will have to provide an answer.
    • Your or the recipient's mobile phone number. In which case the sender will receive a text message free of charge, notifying of receipt of the transfer, and the recipient — of successful completion or cancellation of the transfer.
  3. Submit the transfer amount and the transfer fee to the Sberbank cashier.
  4. Provide the recipient with the control number that is assigned to the transfer: this is required to receive the transferred funds.