You may transfer funds from your card account to Sberbank cards or another bank's Mastercard cards.

Main Information

CurrencyRUB, USD, EUR
Transfer processing timeInstant transfer
Maximum amountThe transfer amount limits depend on the channel used to complete the transfer (Sberbank Online and Mobile Bank use different channels).
Read more: Online Services
Transfer cancellation optionn/a. If you wish to return the funds, apply to the transferee.

Transfer fee

Sberbank card/account 
Transfer via Sberbank Online, Mobile Bank, ATM
Card/account in another bank 
Transfer via Sberbank Online, Mobile Bank, ATM
RUB, within the same city*free1% 
max RUB 1,000
RUB, outside the city1% 
max RUB 1,000
max RUB 1,000
Foreign currency-0.75% 
min 15 c.u. 
max 150 c.u.

* The list of such cities is stated by the individual instruction of Sberbank.