For those who need to transfer funds from a Sberbank account to the recipient's card account within Russia.

Main Information

CurrencyRUB, USD, EUR
Transfer processing time2 business days at most
Maximum amountRUB 164,000 - for senders who are residents of the Russian.
Transfer cancellation optionn/a. If you wish to return the funds, apply to the transferee.

Transfer fee

Sberbank account

Transfer at a Sberbank officeTransfer via Sberbank Online
min RUB 30, max RUB 1000
Foreign currency0.7%
max 100 c.u.
max 50 c.u.

Account at another bank

Transfer at a Sberbank office
min RUB 50, max RUB 1,000
Foreign currency1%
min 15 c.u., max 200 c.u.
  1. Go to your Sberbank Online personal account — enter your login, password and a single-use confirmation code.
  2. Select 'Transfer to Sberbank Customer' or 'Transfer to Another Bank's Private Client' in the 'Payments and Transfers' section.
  3. Enter the transfer details by following the guidelines on the screen:​
    • Recipient's full name;
    • Recipient's account number;
    • Name and BIC of the bank where the recipient's account is held.
  1. Visit a Sberbank office You will need to present/submit:
    • Identity document (e.g., passport);
    • Recipient's account number;
    • The number or address of the Sberbank branch where the recipient's account is held or the name and BIC of another bank where the recipient's account is held.
  2. Tell the bank officer the transfer details.
  3. Submit the transfer amount to the Sberbank cashier along with the transfer fee.