Offer for salary project customers

We offer a wide range of banking products and services for corporate employees who hold Sberbank salary cards.

The payroll card provides access to the entire range of modern banking technologies and an opportunity to enjoy banking services under favourable conditions*.

Thank you for banking with us!

*As compared to conditions offered to individuals who do not hold a payroll card of Sberbank of Russia.

We have done our best to ensure you have no problems wading through the complexities of banking concepts and services.

In this section you will learn: 

  • how to receive a pension easily and quickly without queuing;
  • how to multiply your savings;
  • how to receive a loan with favourable conditions;
  • how to receive discounts at your nearest shops and pharmacies;
  • how to pay for utilities quickly and with lower fees;
  • how to keep your documents and valuables safe.