Your Security

Dear Customers,

Sberbank provides the necessary level of security for transactions in remote banking channels. The security of our systems is continuously improved, dealing with current risks and threats. However, any protection methods will be powerless if you do not observe the basic rules of security:

Measures of Information Security for Sberbank Online
  1. Do not enter your password to cancel or annul transactions. Passwords for cancellation or annulment of operations may be requested only by fraudsters. Sberbank employees never call clients and ask them to cancel or annul operations.
  2. Do not enter your phone number, passport number or other data to confirm operations or to log on to Sberbank Online.
  3. Read text messages carefully and always verify the details of operations. If you receive a message with an operation that you have not made, under no circumstances enter your password.
Security Measures for ATMs and Self-Service Terminals
  1. When performing transactions with your PIN code, ALWAYS cover the keyboard, for example, with your other hand. This will prevent fraudsters from seeing your PIN code or recording it with a video camera.
  2. Card locks to special premises with ATMs installed should not require your PIN code.
  3. Before conducting any transaction with an ATM, inspect the surface over the PIN keyboard and the card slot. These places should not have any objects attached or advertising brochures.
Security Measures for Mobile Application
  1. Use only the official applications of the Bank available on the AppStore. Make sure the developer is Sberbank of Russia.
  2. Do not crack your phone (e.g., via Jailbreaking) as this disables protection mechanisms installed by the mobile platform manufacturer. As a result, your phone becomes vulnerable to software viruses.
  3. Do not use your mobile phone to access the full version of online banking, as there are other applications specifically designed by the bank for this purpose.
Security Measures for Mobile Bank
  1. If you lose your mobile phone (device) with the Sberbank Online application installed or with Mobile Bank service enabled, immediately contact your mobile operator to lock the SIM card and the Bank's Contact Centre to suspend the Mobile Bank service and/or Sberbank Online.
  2. If you change your phone number with Mobile Bank enabled, contact any internal unit of the Bank to disable the Mobile Bank service.
  3. Install antivirus software on your phone and update it regularly. For the Android platform, we recommend such free applications as DrWeb for Android Light (available for download from Google Play) and Kaspersky Internet Security for Android (trial version available on the company website and also will be available for download from Google Play).
Security Measures for Bank Cards
  1. To avoid other people using your card, keep your PIN code separately from the card, do not write the PIN code on the card, do not communicate the PIN code to others (including your relatives), and do not enter the PIN code when using the Internet.
  2. Never communicate any details on your card if someone calls you and says that he/she is the representative of a well-known commercial firm, bank, hotel, etc. Such a call may result in unauthorized transactions with your card.
  3. Do not follow the advice of third parties and do not accept their assistance when making transactions. If necessary, contact employees at a branch of the bank or call the phone numbers indicated on the back of your card.
Protection from SMS-text and E-mail Fraud
  1. When sending any card-related text messages, Sberbank always refers to the customer by name and the message sent on behalf of Sberbank always indicates the last digits of the holder's card number. If you need to contact the Bank, use the phone numbers of its Contact Centre specified on the card, not in the message.
  2. Sberbank card-related text messages are sent from a short 900 number (for some regions, they may be sent from such numbers as 9000, 9001, 8632, 6470, SBERBANK). The official phone numbers of the Contact Centre 8-495-500-5550 and 8-800-5555550 are used only for incoming calls to the bank. No text messages are sent from these numbers.
  3. In case of any doubt or concern raised by a text message you may have received, please call the Contact Centre of Sberbank immediately, using its official phone numbers specified on the back of the Sberbank card or on the Sberbank website.

More Information on Protection from SMS-text and E-mail Fraud

Examples of Fraudulent Websites

Precautions for Loan Repayment

Sberbank of Russia would like to inform you about the activities of a number of companies that are assuming obligations to repay loans received by the customers of the banks (personal loans, car loans, mortgages).

These organisations agree for a fee (usually determined as a percentage of the loan received) to repay for the person who obtained the bank loan (borrower) the outstanding balance under the loan agreement. Such organisations have no liability to repay the loan and can stop the repayment at any time. In the event of any overdue debt under the loan, the claims to return it and pay the penalties will be brought by the banks against the borrower.

Sberbank of Russia urges you to exercise caution and does not recommend that you cooperate with such organisations because, instead of receiving questionable benefits, you may incur financial and property losses, as well as see your credit history deteriorate.

Security Measures for Phone Conversations on Sberbank Products and Services

Please note that you can receive calls from contact centres with offers of products and services of the Bank only from the following numbers identified on your phone.

+7 (499) 215-23-98, +7 (499) 681-38-14, +7 (499) 753-30-81, +7 (499) 270-38-77, +7 (499) 951-08-82, +7 (495) 755-51-38, +7 (495) 988-15-69, +7 (499) 652-90-19, +7 (499) 652-90-18, +7 (495) 665-04-37, +7 (495) 665-04-25, +7 (499) 705-79-15, +7 (499) 429-08-18

Want to stop fraudsters tricking people out of their money online?

Participate in Sberbank's social campaign "Sberbank Against Fraudsters".

The fraudulent activities involving unlawful use of Sberbank's name on the Internet have recently reached colossal proportions. In the past month alone, we have identified more than 50 websites that offer to conduct financial transactions allegedly under the brand of the country's most reliable bank. To fight the fraudsters, we have created a special section on our website. Now we'll know who these fraudsters are!

If you find a suspicious website with dubious financial offers, where fraudsters are hiding under the brand of Sberbank, and therefore, unlawfully and illegally using it, and most importantly, misleading consumers, write to us at And please specify the address of the website: we will include it in the list of fraudulent websites and, thus, help to protect many people from deception.