Pay for your purchases with a Sberbank card every time you go shopping and get your SPASIBO bonuses and exchange them for discounts of up to 99% in stores affiliated with our Program.

  1. Profitable!

    Bonuses can be exchanged for discounts and your purchases become more profitable. A SPASIBO is equal to 1 ruble of a discount in more then 300 stores affiliate with the Program.

  2. Simple!

    The registration through a Sberbank ATM or Sberbank ONLINE takes about 1 minute.
    Free! No fees are taken for joining the Program.

  3. Convenient!

    Each purchase with a Sberbank card brings bonuses to the Program members. More bonuses are available in stores affiliated with the Program.

  4. Global!

    SPASIBO bonuses are accrued for purchases with any Sberbank card* all over the world.

Find out more at the Program website:

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