Sberbank and Accounts Chamber to hold first joint hackathon

Oct 10, 2019
  • Hackathon’s tasks based on real cases common for inspectors of Accounts Chamber. Solving tasks can increase quality of examination and analysis

October 10, 2019, Moscow — The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, Sberbank, and Infoculture Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization will hold a hackathon on creating digital products and modern tools to analyze and visualize data. The competition will be held on October 19–20, 2019; the registration is open.

Maxim Yeryomenko, Senior Managing Detector of the Department for Data Research Competences Development, Sberbank,

“Sberbank has been holding competitions like that for several years now. This format of talent attraction allows us to go beyond the developer community inside the company and we are definitely happy to share our expertise with our partners, see and assess new products, look for new staff and motivate employees by this kind of competitions. The digital transformation and applied machine learning that are becoming more popular need a more developed infrastructure and new AI specialists. Today the labor market is facing a shortage of talent. According to different expert data, the demand for specialists who work with data, including data scientists, has increased several-fold.”

Mikhail Petrov, Director of the Digital Transformation, Accounts Chamber of Russia,

“This is a powerful tool to approach data processing and analysis in real life. The modern format of the hackathon is proving to be extremely efficient for different consumers of digital solutions, including state agencies. The effort we’ve put in our first hackathon has already produced results; dozens of our employees had worked on the tasks, which increased motivation and interest in data analysis, new technology in general, and unconventional work. Moreover, all tasks are based on real cases, which are common for any Accounts Chamber inspector. By solving these tasks, we could increase the quality of examinations and analysis.”

Teams will be solving the tasks of their choice for two days. The participants can use both open sources and data provided by organizers and partners. The results can be presented in the form of browser extensions, web services, bots, analytical models, infographics, media projects, and other digital products. The Accounts Chamber doesn’t limit participants in formats.

You can take part in the hackathon individually – as an author of an idea, a developer, designer, data journalist – or in a team of no more than five people. The jury will choose winners in three categories:

  • Best Software Product
  • Best Media Product
  • Best Visual Product

Participants will get help from mentors who are experts in coding, mathematical modeling and analysis, and data visualization. Mentors will assist contenders in choosing the structure and logic of the upcoming project and advise them on how to search, analyze, and process information. Representatives of the Accounts Chamber will answer methodological questions, help to use data correctly and interpret the results.

You can find more hackathon details, learn about the tasks, and sign up on the special website

The registration is open until October 17, 2019.