SberStream helps automate recruitment of middle-level and senior software developers

Dec 24, 2020

Sber has applied the Skillaz smart HR system to recruit middle-level and senior developers by streams (stream = competence). Called SberStream, the project has cut the recruitment time by 20% and unified the evaluation of hard and soft skills of developers across their professional levels.

The key value of the SberStream project is that the Skillaz system designs a unique funnel (set of stages) for each stream. For example, when choosing a mobile software developer Sber goes through three mandatory stages:

  • an interview with a recruiter (evaluation of soft skills)
  • a gamified test (quiz)
  • a technical interview with certified mobile software developers.

There’s a dedicated team of recruiters choosing mobile software engineers, which improves the technical expertise of recruiters all the time and keeps them updated on all major and specialized search sources, letting them monitor market trends and strengthen networking skills across specialized communities.

The testing takes the form of a quiz for a reason, as gamified mechanics trigger no negative emotions, and complicated tasks seem much easier with friendly visuals.

Technical interviews are carried out by certified professionals who interview stream candidates for the entire bank. After each interview, the interviewer fills out a checklist with detailed results putting them inside a system.

Based on the results of all qualifying stages, a single profile with the results is formed for each candidate. Those who qualify join a pool from where they can be recruited by teams that have relevant vacancies.

With SberStream, all candidates seeking mobile software engineer jobs go through a single set of qualifying stages, receive one offer from the company, and interact with one recruiter only.

This makes recruiting as efficient as possible, and the managers that hire employees get access to candidates that have been evaluated from top to bottom and do not need to re-evaluate them.

The SberStream project already recruits mobile app developers (iOS and Android). The results are impressive: more than 80 middle-level and senior employees were hired in 7.5 months. At the moment, a pilot has been launched for a new stream, Python. There are ambitious plans for 2021 to set up a funnel to recruit Java and JS developers.