Robotic communications with Sber customers more than double

Sep 23, 2021

Sberbank works hard on robotic communications in its collection routine and succeeds in exporting this technology to the largest corporate clients. Outgoing calls Sberbank clients made more than doubled and reached 84.5 million minutes in seven months of 2021, Maxim Degtyaryov, vice president, director of the Distressed Assets Department at Sberbank, said at the International Legal Forum.

The number of calls is expected to grow 47% y-o-y in 2021. Robotic operators are mainly used in telemarketing, lead generation, recruiting and onboarding.

According to ABC, the Sber subsidiary that developed the technology, the use of a robot reduces the cost of a minute of conversation for the client to one-seventh of the initial value. The time a robot operator spends is on average half of that of a call center operator using a similar script. At the same time, the robot has 22% more positive outcomes compared to a human operator.

Maxim Degtyaryov, vice president, director of the Distressed Assets Department, Sberbank:

“The technology has proven to be effective. It is being used by more than fifty top Russian companies, of which 70% are financial ones. Speaking about collection, the robot saves time and expenses while talking with debtors delicately. Furthermore, its functionality can be customized to comply with all legal requirements. However, a robot cannot completely replace people: complicated cases requiring immersion in a problem can only be addressed by a person. A significant amount of routine interaction with customers can be transferred to a robot.”