Sber and HSE University to hold April Conference on economic and social development

Apr 07, 2021

Moscow will host the XXII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development (AIAC) on April 13-20. Sber and HSE University will co-organize the conference for the first time.

Among the interdisciplinary conferences on social sciences held in Russia, AIAC is the largest when it comes to participation and international research community representation. The conference attracts over 1,700 participants each year, including approximately 200 foreign experts and researchers, who join discussions on a wide range of current issues related to the economic and social development of the country.

For the first time, a series of scientific and expert roundtables will be held on April 19-23 in the framework of the conference. They will be part of the HSE and Sber Discussion Club, a platform for expert discussions where science, business, and the state are represented and, based on scientific knowledge, explore the acute challenges facing the economy and society and share best practices for the development of businesses and institutions, thereby shaping the future.

There will be live sessions dedicated to groundbreaking technologies and education, science, and healthcare. The Discussion Club will also be covering the AI and digital transformation of companies and the state, as well as cybersecurity and ESG.

HSE University is not only one of the best universities in the country, but it is also an international-level center of expertise. Here at Sber we always pay close attention to the research, including the analytics and reports, that we receive from HSE University scholars and experts. We have a vested interest in research results being applied in practice as soon as possible. In the framework of our joint discussion club, we will be discussing the current challenges society is facing, sharing best practices for the development of businesses and institutions, as well as establishing a path to their implementation together with all conference participants.

Herman Gref
CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

The April Conference is the largest conference on social sciences in Russia. It brings together leading Russian and foreign scholars, experts, and public figures, who are developing solutions based on scientific research for the national economic, social, and educational strategies. Today we have combined the HSE University and Sber brands in order for the fields of science and business to have new opportunities for discussion and elaborate mutually beneficial and promising areas of cooperation. We are certain that Sber taking on the role of co-organizer – specifically in the substantive section – will breathe new life into the conference, update the agenda, and attract new participants, all of whom will enrich our program.

Yaroslav Kuzminov
Rector, Higher School of Economics