BI.ZONE checks Sber smart devices for security

Jul 15, 2021

Sber smart home platform, SberPortal smart display, set-top box SberBox, and SberBox Top TV media center checked for security

The security of the Sber smart home platform, which allows Sber’s virtual assistants to control Sber smart devices such as Sber smart lamps and plug-in outlets, has been commended by the strategic digital risk management company BI.ZONE, which looked for vulnerabilities in the system, reducing the risks of smart home software being hacked.

Previously, BI.ZONE examined and commended the security of the smart media streamer SberBox, the TV media center SberBox Top, and the smart display SberPortal.

The security of users’ personal data is a top priority when creating smart Sber devices, therefore, all parts – from hardware to software – are being verified in detail from the early stages of their development. SberDevices make adjustments to the PCB, low-level SoC modes, trusted device boot mechanisms, operating system and drivers, guided by the highest industry standards. The involvement of BI.ZONE professionals improves the security of devices and protects user data.

IoT devices can be found everywhere these days, which is why the issue of their security is being raised increasingly. Security must be paid much attention to during the development stage. In our project with SberDevices, we have tried to consider all the details when ensuring the protection of IoT devices to guarantee user security.

Evgeny Voloshin


As a Sber ecosystem company, SberDevices is guided by the highest security standards recognized by the banking industry. Users can only trust the devices that guarantee the safety of their personal data, and we apply Sber’s unique expertise in ensuring data safety to our new digital services. No matter the product we create, our team minimizes the potential risks of vulnerabilities being exploited, and we are happy that experts outside of our company have commended our work.

Denis Filippov

CTO, SberDevices