Sber Asset Management reaches RUB 1.3 tn in assets under management

Apr 01, 2021

Assets under the management of Sber Asset Management have reached a record RUB 1.3 tn. Retail client funds contributed most to the increase: Sber Asset Management counts 482,000 clients, with their contributions to the management company reaching RUB 430 bn[1].

On April 1, Sber Asset Management, one of the oldest asset management companies and the largest on the Russian market, turns 25.

Sber Asset Management has been involved since the very inception of the Russian stock market and continues to play an active role in its development. Many milestones are closely linked to the name Sber Asset Management. In 1996, the company launched one of the first open-end funds on the market – the Ilya Muromets bond fund (Fond Obligatsiy Ilya Muromets), which still exists and is one of the most popular among clients.

The company became one of the major driving forces behind the appearance of Russian ETFs. It was Sber Asset Management that established the first Russian mutual fund in 2018.

Sber Asset Management leads the MOEX ranking for IIAs (Individual Investment Account) opened by management companies. In 2019, the millionth Individual Investment Account on the Russian market was opened through Sber Asset Management.

Sber Asset Management companies were the first to reach the historic milestone of one trillion rubles under management at year-end 2019.

Sber Asset Management was the first on the Russian market to make mutual funds completely digital. A wide variety of functions for working with mutual funds is available through SberBank Online. Clients have recognized its merit and conduct the bulk of their transactions online: approximately 65% of contributions to mutual funds and 50% of repayments are carried out remotely. Today the majority of Sber Asset Management products are available online. Furthermore, transaction fees have been cut and the entry threshold has been lowered.

The company occupies leading positions in all segments of the discretionary asset management market. Sber Asset Management covers the largest share of the mutual funds segment (open and exchange) – 27% – and, separately, 52% of the mutual exchange fund segment and over 60% of the IIA segment [2].

Sber Asset Management is officially celebrating its 25th birthday as the largest management company on the Russian market. For the second year in a row, Sber Asset Management companies have been managing the highest volume of assets among Russian management companies. The past few years have been the highlight of the history of the Russian market for discretionary asset management. Sber Asset Management has been one of the main driving forces behind the growth and development of the market. I would like to thank the Sber Asset Management team, whose experience, skill, and determination have enabled us to achieve such impressive results year after year. I would also like to thank our colleagues at the bank, without whose help our ambitious plans would have been impossible. I am certain that, regardless of what changes may occur in the asset management market, we will be at the forefront of transformation.

Evgeny Zaitsev

CEO, Sber Asset Management

[1] As of 30.03.2021.

[2] Open and exchange mutual fund market shares are determined based on data from AO Expert RA and IIA market shares are determined based on MOEX data. All data as of 30.12.2020.