Sber is the first in Russia to introduce a virtual response center

Nov 30, 2021

Sber has added virtual reality to the functionality of its digital ecosystem’s unique security operation center (SOC), the largest one in Eastern Europe, making live data on the state of the entire complex of information security tools and systems available in the virtual response center, an exact copy of its physical original recreated in the virtual realm.

A seamless continuation of the real SOC, Sber’s virtual center should result in a dramatic improvement in response time amid emergencies requiring the quick involvement of managers or strengthening of duty shifts with the top experts without their physical attendance of the SOC.

The technical solution relies on a design by NTC Vulkan, the Russian IT company that was the first to come up with and implement the concept of a virtual response center.

While noting the timeliness of a virtual SOC amid the pandemic and the post-COVID era, Sber expects to scale it, further enhance its functionality and deeply integrate it into the operational management of cybersecurity.

Stanislav Kuznetsov, deputy chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank:

“Prompt reactions to cyber threats are critical in the modern world with its highest degree of uncertainty and a dramatic increase in speed. The virtualization of our security operation center is the new stage in its evolution. Naturally, almost all cyber security events are addressed automatically or by workers on duty shifts, but now, if a particularly difficult or non-standard situation still requires the involvement of additional forces and funds, managers and the best SOC experts will be able address the problem literally in the very same second, in any time of the day, from anywhere in the world.”

The virtual SOC is a hardware and software suite designed for full-fledged operations in a single data environment with the physical SOC. Aggregating data about the state of security means and systems, cyber security events, and responses, the suite is mobile, using both 4G and Wi-Fi for data transmission and ensuring a high degree of reliability and security of transmitted and processed data, as well as its clarity (through VR glasses, an operator sees what the real SOC sees in a single data environment).