Sber launches ecosystem fragrance SberPrime+

Apr 01, 2021

Sber has created a new perfume named SberPrime+ that encompasses the scents of the ecosystem’s key services. Sber is hiring a perfumer to work with on future fragrance lines and is inviting applicants to interview for the position.

Sber’s perfumers crafted the unique formula for the fragrance with the help of a neural network, enabling SberPrime+ to instantaneously adapt to a person’s mood and surroundings. This makes the scent ideal for any situation, whether it’s work at the office or a party, a family vacation or a romantic date, a long voyage, or quiet meditation.

The promo materials for the SberPrime+ perfume star bank employees.

Sber is systematically developing its ecosystem by presenting clients with new possibilities in various areas of life. Aroma marketing is yet another promising avenue. We want to create an environment in which clients will enjoy the time they spend with us. Our first project is a fragrance we have called SberPrime+, which represents the scents of the ecosystem.

Vladislav Kreynin

Senior Vice President, Director of the Marketing and Communications Department, Sberbank

More information about the company’s plans to create its own scent can be found at the special landing.

Learn more about the requirements for candidates for the perfumer vacancy at Sber here.