Speech Technology Center takes part in development of virtual assistant for Moscow Metro passengers

Jul 31, 2020

Speech Technology Center, part of the Sberbank ecosystem, takes part in the development of a smart chatbot to automate responds to requests by Moscow Metro passengers.

This autumn, the chatbot will be launched on the mosmetro.ru website, via the Moscow Metro mobile app, popular instant messaging apps, as well as on the MosMetro page on a social media website.

The STC team creates the chatbot based on its proprietary ChatNavigator product, an omnichannel dialogue platform to create virtual assistants.

From March to June 2020, Speech Technology Center implemented dialogue scenarios on more than 7,500 issues in the chatbot.

When using it, the dialogue between the bot and a user will be analyzed, and the smart bot will develop itself. The hybrid classification, a combination of rules and machine learning, will be used to develop the bot and understand user queries more accurately. New topics will be created, and existing ones will be updated.

Down the road, the chatbot will be able to provide information on working hours of stations, changings, crossings on the Moscow Central Circle, Moscow Central Diameters, and Intercept parking lots besides the subway. The chatbot will help automate submission of applications and service response and find lost items besides calling the Mobility Support Center for assistance. In addition, the bot will be able to hold an informal dialogue with users.

Speech Technology Center embedded a universal API connector in the chatbot, which helps to communicate with passengers via different channels without an operator. The basic communication scenario is still the same for all channels, but a special character of communication is considered for each one.

Dmitry Dyrmovsky, CEO, Speech Technology Center,

“The special feature of the project is that all components of the chatbot and platform are in the cloud. This is one of the 100% cloud solutions marketed for the first time. The optimization of the transport infrastructure by using modern AI and machine learning technology is a global trend. Speech Technology Center chatbot is a tool that enables people to start following the trend already today.”

Moscow Metro press office,

“The modern rhythm of life forces us to be fast and understandable when communicating with passengers. It is important for them to receive a comprehensible answer in time on a question that they have during their trip, in particular, which is also a sign of a convenient service. The integration of AI solutions and chatbot launch are aimed to complete the developing infrastructure of the metro and improve approaches to the passenger service.”