Sber presents effective instruments for trustees in bankruptcy

Oct 22, 2021

Sber has presented its effective products geared toward bankruptcy market specialists during the 10th Urals Forum for Trustees in Bankruptcy held in Ekaterinburg on October 21‒22 2021. The presentation included two flagship projects, Bankro.TECH and Portal DA.

Bankro.TECH is used to digitalize committees of creditors in bankruptcy. With this tool, lawyers, trustees in bankruptcy or lenders will need no more than 10 minutes to participate in a bankruptcy procedure, instead of three to four hours they spend now. Users save time and transportation costs – they just need to go to the voting site using their phones at a certain time and select the answers. Once the voting is complete, a protocol for a trustee in bankruptcy will be generated fully automatically in a matter of seconds.

Bankro.TECH also allows trustees in bankruptcy to monitor all the important events concerning their counterparties, systematize data across all major sources (RTK, meetings, auctions, stand-alone disputes), and organize their work wisely by combining the related cases, tasks, calendars, and reports.

Portal DA is among the biggest websites in Russia where anyone can sell their property, including when it is collateralized. Portal DA currently features over 10,000 assets worth RUB 361 bn from almost 2,000 sellers that are private and public companies, banks, trustees in bankruptcy, organizers of auctions, and state-owned companies. All sellers list their assets on Portal DA free of charge and communicate with potential buyers directly. The service has recently rolled-out a mobile app update, introducing new mechanics of asset search, an intelligent recommender system, user-friendlier interface and navigation, and a chat for effective interactions with vendors.

On top of that, the application now allows users to find assets for rent, as well as for purchase. Portal DA is set to launch the management of the entire cycle of a deal until the end of the year. Agent in Bidding, a service designed by a subsidiary company ABC, will enable any client to participate in bidding, and the entire process of searching an object, registering it and participating in the auction outsourced to ABC professionals. Also, using Sber A’s e-registration of contracts, Portal DA users will be able to register deeds online.

Yevgeny Akimov, managing director and head of the Enforced Collection and Bankruptcy Division, Sberbank:

“Digitalization is actively entering the bankruptcy industry, making many processes fast, convenient, and more cost-efficient. We are happy that Sber is a flagship of tech change marketing effective solutions that have thousands of users, including banks and trustees in bankruptcy.”