Sberbank resumes accepting applications for Rural Mortgage at rate of 2.7% per annum

Aug 03, 2020

Sberbank has resumed accepting applications under the Rural Mortgage program. The rate under the program is 3% per annum and drops to 2.7% when using the Electronic Registration service.

You can buy residential real estate under the program:

  • on the secondary market from an individual or a company under a sales agreement
  • on the primary market from companies only under equity participation agreements and assignment of claims.

The program terms

  • A piece of real estate must be located in the rural areas of Russia. All Russian regions take part in the program except for Moscow, Moscow Region, and St. Petersburg.
  • The upper mortgage limit is set at RUB5 mln for Leningrad Region and Far Eastern Federal District, and reaches RUB3 mln in other regions of Russia.
  • Mortgages have a maximum term of 25 years.
  • A down payment is at least 15% of the total loan amount.

You can apply for a mortgage under the preferential program with decreased interest rate and find a house online on

The program will run until December 31, 2022. The new mortgage product is created based on the government program called Comprehensive Rural Area Development with subsidized rates.

Nikolay Vasyov, Director of DomClick Division, Sberbank,

“The demand for Rural Mortgage is enormous. When we started the program this May, 12M subsidies of RUB97 mln of the Agricultural Ministry of Russia for the bank were paid out in eight hours. The bank received about 1,100 applications. We are glad to resume offering this program to our customers and hope that it will help thousands of people across the country to improve their living conditions under the favorable terms.”