Natalia Dmitrieva to head Rambler&Co sales house

Mar 03, 2021

She will focus on monetizing the group of companies’ media assets and growing their commerce.

As part of the new strategy adopted by Sber, Rambler Group plans to cultivate the advertising agency Index 20 as a seller of advertising products. Natalia Dmitrieva will step into the role of CEO of the agency on March 9, 2021 and will be responsible for its development, strategy, and the scaling of marketing technologies and products, taking into account the opportunities presented by the Sber ecosystem.

Previously Natalia was CEO of Gazprom-Media Digital, the video commercial seller. She was also Online Sales Director at the National Advertising Alliance.

For over 20 years, Natalia Dmitrieva has worked in the digital industry. Her career began in 1999 at Clarus Team TA Russia. From 2004 to 2010, she was Sales and Marketing Director at Milanor, a Direct Group holding. In 2018, she was one of the top ten executives in the Top 1000 Russian Managers media industry category.

“We have been looking for someone to whom we could entrust our monetization, partnerships, and the growth of our marketing products, taking into consideration the group’s new strategy in the framework of the Sber ecosystem. In my opinion, Natalia was the most successful candidate. We have worked with her over the past five years as part of the Rambler&Co and GPMD partnership and she is well-versed in our products and assets. At the same time, her work is highly valued by the professional community. Some extremely ambitious goals lie head of us together with Natalia, involving the implementation of the group’s strategy over the next three years, with the scaling of the opportunities that have emerged as part of the Sber ecosystem. I am certain that the entire industry will support our decision,” says Maxim Tadevosyan, Managing Director, Rambler&Co.

Briefing note:

Rambler Group is a leader in the Russian media and entertainment industry, combining the Rambler&Co media service holding company and the Okko multimedia service. Rambler&Co ranks first among Russian media holdings in terms of its monthly audience, which amounts to more than 168M users (data from Yandex.Metrika). It includes the Rambler portal,,, Championat,, The Firm’s Secret, Motor, LiveJournal, and a number of other media assets. Due to the variety of topics covered by the platforms, the holding encompasses the full range of interests and needs of various audiences. Rambler&Co also comprises a set of B2B and B2C services, including the media service platform Afisha, the largest online ticketing platform Rambler/Kassa, and the media seller Index 20.