Sber and Citymobil offer corporate taxi and delivery service for entrepreneurs

Mar 29, 2021

Sber’s corporate clients will gain access to a corporate travel and delivery service from Citymobil, part of the Sber ecosystem. The corporate taxi service is available in the SberBusiness online banking marketplace and will help entrepreneurs solve business-related transport and logistics issues, such as handling employee commutes to work or meetings, arranging deliveries to clients, and organizing transfers for partners, among others.

The cooperation between SberBusiness and Citymobil within the Sber ecosystem will allow them to streamline the activation process as much as possible: entrepreneurs will need only log in to SberBusiness and access their dashboard to activate the service. They will also need to input their employees’ phone numbers. A settlement account used to pay for travel and delivery is automatically added to the entrepreneur’s profile. No advance payment is necessary – funds will be withdrawn directly from the account.

Immediately after activating the service, clients can manage travel and delivery options through their dashboard. Corporate Taxi allows users to add and configure their employees’ privileges, set travel limits for certain days or addresses, and establish budgets for certain employees and departments. The tool allows clients to monitor expenses, routes, and order history, as well as uploading financial documents and statistics.

Anna Loevskaya, Director of Digital Corporate Bank, Sberbank:

“This new non-financial service available through SberBusiness online banking will be an excellent addition to the For Businesses category of services. Previously, transport and logistics services on a regular basis were the prerogative of major companies. The Corporate Taxi service makes them accessible for small-sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs thanks to its simple activation process and remote service management scheme.”

Vitaly Bedarev, Executive Director, Citymobil:

“We are continuing to develop corporate taxi and delivery services for companies on the Citymobil for Business platform. Cooperation in the framework of the Sber ecosystem allows us to expeditiously find solutions at the crossroads of our products that will be of interest to B2B clients and will help them with a variety of tasks, from organizing transport for employees and transfers for partners to arranging express delivery for clients.”