More unlimited offerings for small and micro-business customers of Sberbank

Dec 23, 2020

Sberbank expands the opportunities for small and micro-sized business clients marketing new options and great deals. The offering will benefit the businesses that have a large number of account transactions.

Corporate customers can now do the following with no fees:

· Send unlimited amounts of money in any number of transactions to corporate customers of other banks

· Send up to RUB300,000 a month to retail customers

· Deposit any amount into their account via ATMs.

Sberbank customers can also save up to 30% on FX control as compared to the regular payment plan.

Our customers have new opportunities due to which entrepreneurs can save on fees and develop their businesses more actively. For example, clients can purchase the option Unlimited Transfers to Entities and forget about the number of payment orders and their cost. Or enable the Self Collection option and pay no fees when depositing funds through an ATM

Alexey Shashkin

Managing Director of Small and Micro-Sized Business, Sberbank

To enable the new options, go to your SberBusiness member area and choose Options in the payment plan section. Choose one of the available options and press Enable. The options are available for all bundles, except for Light Start, which targets those starting a business.