Cashless gratitude. and Rambler learn how much and whom Russians tip

Aug 04, 2020

The majority of Russians (61%) give tips. The rest don’t get the services of those whom you should “thank” (25%) or refuse to do it on principle as the employees get paid for their work (14%), according to the survey* that was carried out on the Rambler website on July 20-22 for analytical website.

At the same time, 35% of the respondents always give tips, while 26% do it rarely.

As much as 86% use cash for tipping, and 14% give electronic tips some more often, some less often.

As much as 20% of the respondents are sure that employees deserve additional gratitude by default as they have a difficult job. The same number of people believe that an employee shouldn’t show that they want to get a tip, 12% think that they should bring an order faster, provide more services than they should, and 48% give tips when they realized that they are cared for.

As much as 62% of the respondents thank waiters with a small amount of money, 15% leave tips for gas station attendants and taxi drivers, 10% for couriers, food and goods deliverymen, 8% for movers and 5% for hotel staff.

Talking about the tip amount, the participants in the survey said that 35% give a round sum as a tip, 46% leave less than 10%, and 19% of respondents are the most generous customers as they give a tip of 10% and more of the order amount.

FoodPlex (SberFood service), part of Sberbank ecosystem, says that the number of cashless tipping transactions has tripled since March 2020, the turnover more than tripled, and the average tip amount increased by RUB 11. Now the average tip is RUB 223.

The cashless tipping transactions are not only common for public catering, the food delivery service SberMarket plans to launch electronic tipping by the end of the third quarter.

Artur Sarkisov, Chief Operations Officer, SberMarket,

“A new function will be launched as a response to customers’ request; they highly appreciate the quality of work of purchasing specialists and couriers at SberMarket and want to thank them for food delivery.”

* As many as 5,775 people took part in the survey.