SBER EAPTEKA opens first hub in Lipetsk

Jul 14, 2021

SBER EAPTEKA, one of Russia’s biggest online pharmacies, has opened its hub in the city of Lipetsk. The list of hub items overshoots 14,000 drugs and health products, and is scheduled to grow to reach 18,000. Apart from medication and vitamins, you can buy medical equipment, hygiene and beauty items. Also, Lipetsk inhabitants can now order OTC drugs with free home delivery.

The dignitaries who attended the hub inauguration were: Igor Artamonov, Head of Lipetsk Region Administration; Olga Golodets, Deputy Chair of the Sberbank Executive Board; and Natalia Tsaitler, Chair of Sberbank’s Tsentralno-Chernozyomny Bank. Olga Fedotova, Director of SBER EAPTEKA’s Tsentralno-Chernozyomny Region, spoke about the advantages of their services, hub’s peculiar features, and the company’s prospects in Lipetsk Region.

SBER EAPTEKA intends to develop its footprint in the region. Until 2023, yet another hub is scheduled to be opened in Lipetsk, and one is set to open its doors in the city of Yelets. In 2021, fifty more pick-up points will become available. Over time, due to the development of the SBER partner network, EAPTEKA plans to cover the entire region with a network of its pick-up points. To achieve these goals, Head of Lipetsk Region Administration Igor Artamonov and Deputy Chair of the Sberbank Executive Board Olga Golodets have attended the signing of an agreement between SBER EAPTEKA and the public pharmaceutical company OGUP Lipetskfarmatsiya.

The opening of the Lipetsk hub was backed by a charity campaign – SBER EAPTEKA donated medications and health products to the charges of the Mechta Lipetsk Region Sanitarium for Children.

As a leading tech company, Sber continually develops new services in all spheres of life, including in healthcare, offering them to customers. Sber ecosystem companies have very effective and tried-and-true medical services to offer these days. Lipetsk Region leadership address the health and welfare issues of local residents with much attention, and we are happy that Lipetsk inhabitants can take advantage of SBER EAPTEKA services. Now, the region has access to a wide range of quality drugs from the best manufacturers, including some rare medications and all-new pharmaceutical products.

Olga Golodets

Deputy Chair of the Executive Board, Sberbank

E-pharmacy development and hub opening is yet another step toward Lipetsk Region’s digital transformation through modern technology, convenience, and ease of receiving and ordering medicines. E-com development in healthcare is a vital step we welcome and support.

Igor Artamonov

Head of Administration, Lipetsk Region

Due to the hub opening, people in Lipetsk and its region will have much faster access to drugs, including some rare ones. We will also be developing our logistics to cut home delivery time as much as possible. SBER EAPTEKA is a service that helps you take care of your health, and we are advancing our footprint in Russian regions so that as many people as possible could access a wide range of superior medication. The pharmacy has to offer drugs from the best manufacturers, so we guarantee there is no counterfeit medication.

Anton Buzdalin


The pharmacy/hub in Lipetsk is located at 3A, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya St. The floor area of the hub is 387.1 m2, of which 36 m2 are allocated for the pharmacy and 250 m2 for the inventory. The hub is designed to process 800 orders a day. OTC drugs can be delivered by couriers. Prescription drugs and those containing alcohol can be purchased on site, ordered online and picked up.

SBER EAPTEKA is actively developing a network of hubs in Russian regions. In 2021, the first pharmacy hubs were launched in Voronezh, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Kaluga, Samara, Pskov, Kemerovo, Saransk, Volgograd, Belgorod, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Ulyanovsk, Stavropol, Oryol, Ufa, Kursk, and Yoshkar-Ola. In 2020, one was opened in Kazan.