SberBank extends terms of Additional Interest promo savings account with increased rate

Apr 06, 2021

SberBank is extending the terms of its Additional Interest savings account until May 10, 2021. The interest rate ceiling for this account reaches 4.5% a year when you deposit funds for two or three years.

The rate depends on the amount and term, the current and highest balance of accounts you have had at the bank over the last three months, and whether you opened the savings account offline or online.

Deposits start from RUB 100,000. You can open a savings account for 3, 6, 12, 24, or 36 months at the bank or using the SberBank Online mobile app. Money cannot be added to or withdrawn from the savings account, except for interest, while the account agreement is valid.

More on the Additional Interest savings account terms on the bank’s website.

Additional Interest is a great offering for those who seek to earn income without taking any risks. We marketed this promo ahead of March 8 and planned to discontinue it on April 5, but after seeing that it really enjoys demand we decided to extend it until the end of the national May holidays. You can open the savings account on special terms both offline, at a Sberbank branch, or online, but we recommend you use the SberBank Online app for that because this guarantees a higher minimum interest rate. Besides, it’s much faster and more convenient.

Sergei Shirokov

Director of the Borrow and Save Division, Sberbank