Sber slashes mortgage down payment to 10% from 15%

Jul 23, 2021

SberBank has cut its down payments by 50% for three types of mortgages. Customers who don’t have salary cards at Sber but have proof of employment and income can now make a down payment of 10% instead of 15%. The new lending terms apply to new and construction-stage housing.

We strive to improve the terms of our mortgages as much as we can, attaching particular importance to down payments because their size is critical for many borrowers. A 50% reduction in down payment size will be of great support, meaning that thousands of clients will have a solution to their overdue housing question.

Nikolay Vasyov

Vice President, Director of the DomClick Division, Sberbank

SberBank keeps building its home lending portfolio. In June, the bank issued 96.3 thousand mortgages with an aggregate worth of RUB 269.5 bn, a 100% increase y-o-y.