Sber raises rates on savings accounts and markets new promotional one

Nov 30, 2021

Sber keeps improving the terms for its savings accounts. Starting November 30, the bank is increasing the rates on SberVklad and SberVklad Prime: the effective rate for SberVklad with interest capitalization has been raised to a maximum of 7.01%, reaching 8% for holders of an annual SberPrime+ subscription.

Either of the savings accounts can be opened for one month to one year inclusive (you can choose up to a day). They start from RUB 100,000 and have no upper limit. You can deposit into your account via SberBank Online without restrictions, while withdrawals are only available for the accrued interest. The best way to open an account is online, using the SberBank Online website or mobile application. The service is also available at Sberbank branches.

Find out more about SberVklad on the bank’s website.

The bank has also launched a new savings account, Active Age, on November 30. The offer will be valid until January 31, 2022.

An Active Age account can only be opened at Sberbank branches. Varying from RUB 10,000 to RUB 500,000, it is available to women aged 55 and over and men aged 60 or older. The rate is 4.5% per year (when opening an account for six or nine months) and 5% per year (for 12 months).

Sergei Shirokov, director of the Borrow and Save Division, Sberbank:

“We traditionally raise interest rates on savings accounts ahead of New Year, so now they are the best way to save your funds securely on the most favorable terms. This year’s innovation is that the maximum rate is available to SberPrime+ subscribers. This is another advantage of the subscription, which allows you to save a lot when using Sber services.”