Sber helping to create the medicine of the future

Oct 14, 2021

Olga Golodets, deputy chairman of the Sberbank Executive Board, discussed innovative developments and solutions in Sber’s healthcare industry at a plenary session titled “Investing in Digital Medicine – Investing in the Future” at Sechenov Digital Health Summit.

According to Golodets, Sber, as Russia’s leading tech company and a digitalization leader, currently provides its developments and competencies to various sectors of the economy. Sber’s support for the healthcare industry is a reflection of its humanitarian mission to put its technological achievements at the service of the individual and society. Digital medicine and artificial intelligence facilitate the creation of predictive models of medical care, a transition to a qualitatively new level of medical assistance, and the organization of a health management system based on data analysis.

Olga Golodets, deputy chairman of the executive board, Sberbank:

“Digitalization is helping to take healthcare to the next level and make healthcare more accessible. Digital technology acts as a reliable assistant for physicians, freeing them from routine operations and enabling patients to monitor their health better.”

Sber’s digital technology is already being implemented at a number of medical institutions and is being used by people living in Russia. The technology helps improve quality of life and the effectiveness of medical assistance. Telehealth is one such driver. Over 1,300 qualified doctors provide support to over 14 million users on the SberHealth platform. The service reduces the number of severe cases by 45%. Remote monitoring of patients with chronic diseases is in place in 38 Russian regions, with consultations by telehealth doctors. The service reduces heart attack and stroke deaths by at least 5% or more.

Sber's developments also make the diagnosis process more efficient, relieve doctors of the burden of routine processes, and generally improve the quality of medical services. Voice2Med, a product for filling out medical documents by voice, frees medical professionals from routine work, paving the way for calm and efficient work with patients. TOP 3, the smart assistant for medical professionals designed by SberMedAI and Sber AI Lab in collaboration with the Moscow government, uses AI to identify the three most likely diagnoses from 265 disease groups representing 95% of all possible diagnoses for Russians at their first visit to the doctor. The service makes the diagnosis process more efficient, saving time and improving the quality of medical assistance in general.

Prof. Andrey Svistunov, M.D., first vice rector, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University; corresponding member, Russian Academy of Sciences; meeting moderator:

“The development of modern medicine today cannot be achieved by researchers and scientists alone, even in interdisciplinary teams. It cannot be achieved without cooperating with tech companies, which actively create and implement solutions that improve the quality of life and life expectancy in our country.”

Sber and Sechenov University have been cooperating for several years now. This year, the university and SberHealth developed a training and professional development program for doctors, as well as a unified approach to interacting with patients in telehealth. Sechenov University was the first university in Russia to introduce advanced training courses for telehealth doctors. There is a fruitful collaboration ongoing with SberMedAI on an AI model for detecting cancer.