Sber launches Green Marathon mobile app

Apr 05, 2021

As part of the Green Marathon project, Sber is launching an eponymous mobile app, which will serve as a healthy and sustainable lifestyle assistant.  

With the help of the app, clients will be able to: 

  • take the first step toward running workouts;
  • convert running achievements into greening the planet;
  • receive expert advice on running, proper nutrition, and eco-friendly consumption;
  • become a green ambassador by participating in challenges and telling friends about environmental initiatives.

The Green Marathon app is:

  • run tracker that uses 2GIS maps and tracks your progress using GPS, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope;
  • training plans to prepare for 4.2 km and 10 km runs;
  • exercise videos for runners;
  • running and environmental challenges;
  • the ability to share photos, run results, and your achievements in challenges on social media and messaging apps;
  • rewards for running and environmental accomplishments in the form of promo codes from SberHealth, Okko, SberUslugi, SberMarket, SberSound, SBER EAPTEKA, Citymobil, Delivery Club, SberInsurance,, SberKids, and other Sber ecosystem companies, as well as themed stickers(achievements).

The goal of the Green Marathon project by Sber and Sberbank Charitable Foundation Investment to the Future is to draw attention to environmental issues and call on people living in Russia to take a few simple steps that will facilitate the resolution of these issues.

During the Green Marathon, Sber, together with Sberbank Charitable Foundation Investment to the Future and the ECA movement, will plant 180,000 seedlings in honor of Sberbank’s 180th birthday. The campaign was organized in support of the Southern Forest Belt of Russia project, which aims to plant trees to combat desertification in the southern regions of Russia – from Rostov Region to the Republic of Buryatia.

People who are interested can support the campaign by participating in the Green Marathon and its environmental initiatives:

  • donating to environmental projects on the SberTogether portal
  • participating in the Moscow run – all funds collected from participant registration will go to Sberbank Charitable Foundation Investment to the Future for tree planting;
  • as an ambassador, living green and raising awareness of environmental issues.

The run will take place in 180 Russian cities on June 5, World Environment Day. The list of cities and conditions for participation are available on the website

On the same day, the top 100 Green Marathon app users will be awarded commemorative merchandise with the event logo.

The mobile app can be downloaded at the link – – or in the App Store and on Google Play.