HONOR becomes key SberCloud customer in Russia

Jul 19, 2021

HONOR, a leading global provider of smart devices, has moved the data systems of its Russian chapter to SberCloud, thus becoming a key customer of the cloud platform SberCloud.Advanced. The move is expected to allow HONOR to scale up its computing infrastructure quickly and flexibly, use safe and secure data storages, and streamline IT its costs.

HONOR has also been given access to high-tech platform services — Map Reduce Service, Distributed Cache Service for Redis, VPC Endpoint, Data Replication Service, Web Application Farewall — designed for big data processing and analysis, hybrid cloud infrastructure creation, and high performance databases.

With SberCloud.Advanced PaaS offerings, HONOR will enjoy the most efficient management and administration of IT systems, business processes, and B2C services. The wide range of mutually integrated SberCloud.Advanced services meets the key business needs of HONOR Russia in the IT domain.

We are proud that HONOR has chosen SberCloud services for its IT platform. HONOR is more than a well-known brand popular in Russia and worldwide. It is a company that uses cutting-edge technology, both when creating its products and running its business. I am convinced that SberCloud.Advanced, a cloud platform uniting over 50 mutually integrated services, will be a reliable and effective business tool while securing the reliable and successful work and further business development for HONOR in Russia.

Yevgeny Kolbin

SberCloud CEO

The partnership with Sber is important for us, and we are set to grow this partnership in different domains that will ultimately affect and improve customer experience. The migration to SberCloud has improved the stability and reliability of all our services, securing the highest possible efficiency of integration of IT processes and maintaining the highest data and confidentiality protection standards. This is our top priority, both when creating an internal infrastructure and when designing user products, solutions, and services.

Tony Ran

President, HONOR Russia, Turkey and CIS

SberCloud.Advanced features 50+ IaaS/PaaS cloud products. The platform provides businesses with all the opportunities brought by modern cloud technologies — from automatically scaling virtual servers to deployment, scaling and app management automation through Kubernetes, serverless computing, managed databases and Big Data analytics. SberCloud.Advanced has a certificate of compliance with information security requirements for personal information systems while ensuring the third level of personal data security. SberCloud.Advanced is currently the most mature cloud platform in Russia with the largest selection of integrated cloud services.