Half a million self-employed registered via Sber’s Svoe Delo

Jul 14, 2021

Svoe Delo (Your Own Business), a Sber service for the self-employed which is available via the SberBank Online mobile application, has passed the milestone of 500,000 registered users. It allows individuals to register as a self-employed in only a couple of minutes without going to the tax office or the bank.

Svoe Delo registers one new self-employed person every minute. The number of registrations has quadrupled over the year, even despite the coronavirus pandemic. Our service enjoys enormous popularity for being a simple, easy, and convenient way to make your operations legal and get a bundle of services, including everything you would need for a business, on top of that. When the special taxation framework was scaled up throughout Russia last year, we started seeing a dramatic increase in the number of self-employed individuals. According to our estimates, the metric might exceed the number of registered entrepreneurs by the end of this year.

Alexey Shashkin

Director of Small and Micro-Sized Business, Sberbank

After registering as a self-employed via SberBank Online, a customer gets access to a unique and free bundle of services, which include a digital card and sales receipt generation. Also you can send the receipts to clients and calculate professional income tax using the receipts, keep an online record of customers, consult lawyers, take courses, generate legal documentation, and create websites using templates in a matter of minutes.

The service is being upgraded on a regular basis. Today, it offers self-employed registration to citizens of Eurasian Economic Union states: Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Further information about Svoe Delo and the tax framework for the self-employed can be found on the Sberbank website in the Self-employed section.