7,000 applications submitted to Sberbank’s School 21 in first week


1 June 2018, Moscow – More than 7,000 applications from all regions of Russia have been submitted to School 21 in the first week after announcing its opening. As of today, 14 people are competing for each place at the school. The first courses are planned to be attended by 500 people.

School 21 is a unique educational initiative of Sberbank for preparing world-class programming specialists. Its name reflects the number of levels of preparation and the amount of knowledge that a specialist needs in the 21st century. Education at the school is free and lasts from 1.5 to 4 years. The school will function 24/7 offline (but students must attend the courses in person).

“We were sure that the response will be quite wide despite the unusual form of education. Our youth has grown up in conditions of accessibility and ubiquity of IT, the skills of working with them are required in the labour market, and the game format is habitual and is associated with something that they like doing. That’s why it is not a surprise that we have received thousands of applications, even though only one week has passed since the announcement of the launch of Sberbank’s School 21,” noted Natalya Zhuravlyova, Managing Director of the Career and Development Division of the HR Block of Sberbank.

Education will be carried out in accordance with unique French methods: each student will create their individual and adaptive educational course. This approach encourages high internal motivation throughout the course of study and facilitates the acquisition of knowledge in situations involving a large degree of uncertainty and an overloaded information field.

The school’s educational process will be based on individual and group work on IT projects and on peer-to-peer principles. Education is separated into 21 levels – it is impossible to reach the next level without completing the previous one. The following areas are included in the educational programme: algorithms, graphics, Unix, web, mobile development, security, network technology.

The students’ results will be processed by an automatic verification system and other students. The students will receive or loose points, which form their ratings, for their own results and for demonstrating objectivity when checking other students’ knowledge. In addition, to check their knowledge, there will be four-hour and final eight-hour exams. During the exams it is forbidden to use internet and to talk to other students.

To enrol in the school, you do not need to provide the results of the State Examination; the main condition is motivation for self-development and the desire to become a world-class specialist. Anyone from 18 to 30 years old who successfully passes the competition can become a student of the school. You can submit your application for the contest on the school’s official website: http://www.21-school.ru.