Sber signs cooperation agreement with government of Voronezh Region

Jul 22, 2021

Sber has signed a cooperation agreement with the administration of Voronezh Region. Signed by CEO and Chairman of the Sberbank Executive Board Herman Gref and the governor of Voronezh Region Alexander Gusev, the agreement is designed to modernize prioritized economic sectors and develop the region’s social institutions.

According to the terms of the agreement, Voronezh Region is set to adopt and develop new technologies in the framework of the national project designed to digitize the Russian economy. Efforts will be focused on the transformation of road maintenance and introduction of an intellectual transportation system; development of education infrastructure; expansion of sales markets for regional producers through the e-commerce solution offered by Sber ecosystem companies. Sber intends to participate in investment programs targeting integrated development of the region's infrastructure, programs designed to provide state and municipal services in the electronic form, the introduction of intelligent management systems and cashless payments, and the promotion of projects aimed at strengthening the region’s talent potential.

Voronezh has become one of the most attractive cities in Russia over the last decade. It is a great honor for us to facilitate the development of the region, which is a trademark city in the central part of Russia. We would like to support its evolution, create new projects for people to enjoy, improve healthcare, and let children get the best education. Also, we seek to help senior citizens so that they could live full lives.

We develop both financial and non-financial technology in Voronezh Region. As for education projects, we are now piloting our education platform SberClass together with the local administration. Starting September 1, 2021, the platform will be expanded, while a year from that we are set to grant access to the platform to all schools. In healthcare, we have designed a raft of products that help doctors make decisions and assist them. These include projects where we train neural networks and use artificial intelligence. We will keep co-running social projects, for instance, restoring architectural monuments in Voronezh. We have also paid a visit to the Quantorium technology park for children and agreed that we will send a delegation to study the best experience, and we’ll try to implement a project of a large-scale creative center for children in Voronezh downtown.

Herman Gref

CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

I would like to thank Mr. Gref for the attention he pays to the development of the local economy and our social projects. The agreement outlines several vital tracks. We are launching a PPP project to build schools in a move that should resolve the problem of the lack of seats for students in certain parts of our region. I think that our joint projects will address many of these issues, including those in transportation. I am talking about the smart transportation framework for the entire public transport in Voronezh. Our interaction in this regard is quite mature, and we will soon roll out a transport card accumulating many services. Our passengers will find it quite useful.

Healthcare is yet another line of our mutual work. We are currently investing a lot of money to buy equipment and install it in our healthcare facilities, but we lack a single management system and, what is more important, a system that would analyze all the healthcare-related challenges. If we succeed in putting together what Sberbank has to offer, I think it will support our healthcare dramatically and will position us to offer better services to people.

Alexander Gusev

Governor, Voronezh Region