Sber offers corporate customers macOS e-keys

Dec 16, 2020

Sber’s corporate clients can now clear SberBusiness online banking transactions on macOS computers using an enhanced digital signature. The development of an electronic key (token) compatible with Apple software was among the top requests of SberBusiness users.

Aktiv created the new electronic key especially for Sber. The move was an initiative of the Bank’s Cybersecurity Department, which participated in the development directly. The key lets you sign agreements with the bank and bilateral documents as a set. The keys on the token cannot be copied and are used inside the token only, which ensures maximum security of the procedure. Before offering Rutoken TLS to a wide audience, Sber had been piloting it among 1,500 Moscow entrepreneurs for ten months.

Today, our Internet banking SberBusiness is used by 550,000 entrepreneurs who have e-keys to sign documents and files with enhanced digital signatures. We’ve marketed the key for macOS as a response to numerous requests from users, who will now be able to use online banking on the OS they prefer.

Anna Loevskaya

Director of the Digital Corporate Bank Division, Sberbank

All customers of SberBusiness Internet banking who work with enhanced electronic signatures can place an order for the Rutoken TLS. To do this, they need to fill out an application update, specify “Standard on macOS” in paragraph 1.2, send it to the bank and pay a commission fee.

Aktiv is a Russian manufacturer of information security tools, the largest producer of USB-tokens, dongles, and solutions for software protection. The company was founded in 1994 and now unites the leading brands in their fields: Rutoken and Guardant. Aktiv has extensive experience in implementing significant projects in the ICT, corporate, financial, and public sectors. To do that, the company holds all the necessary licenses from FSB and FSTEC Russia to develop and manufacture information security tools. The company produces over 1 million tokens and smart cards annually and is the leading provider of authentication and electronic signatures in Russia. The company meets the needs for key carriers of all major accredited certification centers. Three-quarters of the country’s federal agencies and most of its commercial banks use Rutoken cryptographic solutions.