Clients can now log in to SberBank Online Web via QR code

Apr 06, 2021

Sber users can now log in to the web version of SberBank Online via QR code. Clients who have the SberBank Online mobile app installed and password or biometrics protection set up on their phones can make use of this access method.

How to log in via QR code:

1. Click on the QR code on the web version of SberBank Online.

2. Scan the code with your device’s camera or the SberBank Online app camera (the QR symbol is in the upper left corner).

3. Confirm access to the web version in the SberBank Online mobile app.

The next step is authorization. The user can then access the home page of the SberBank Online website.

Last year we completely overhauled the web version of SberBank Online. It was the largest update in the past seven years. We are continuing to introduce new and convenient functions, one of which is the ability to log in via QR code. We are certain that clients will appreciate this function and will make active use of it.

Alexey Kruglov 

Director of the Digital Platform Division, Sberbank