SberSpasibo study on loyalty program’s most active users: where they live and what they spend reward points on

Apr 05, 2021
  • Number of SberSpasibo customers reaches 47 mn
  • Most active program participants live in Moscow and Moscow Region

SberSpasibo has analyzed over 47 million customers of the loyalty program. The results of the study have been used to identify the most active regions of Russia and people’s preferences, i.e. what they spend their reward points on.

The study analyzed 2020 results and showed the use of reward points by loyalty program members across Russia. As was the case in 2019, Moscow and St. Petersburg emerged as the unrivaled leaders, with over 7.8 bn redemption transactions spotted in Moscow and Moscow Region, which is almost twice as high compared to 2019. Growth rates were similar in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region where people redeemed over 2.5 bn points in 2020.

The top 10 regions using reward points the most are Sverdlovsk Region (1,068 mn), Tyumen Region (975 mn), Tatarstan (965 mn), Krasnodar Territory (963 mn), Nizhny Novgorod Region (670 mn), Samara Region (653 mn), Perm Territory (605 mn), and Rostov Region (602 mn). These are the regions with the most engaged clients who use SberSpasibo offerings and redeem their reward points a lot.

In 2019, people in Moscow and St. Petersburg would mainly spend their reward points in cafés and restaurants, while in 2020 those were ousted by marketplaces and department stores. Furthermore, Russia’s two biggest regions saw pharmacies rank third by the frequency of reward points’ use, while clothing, footwear, gas stations, and supermarkets retained their popularity.

As for Sverdlovsk Region and Tyumen Region, the leading point redemption categories are cafés and restaurants. In all other parts of Russia front runners are somewhat the same — supermarkets and groceries, marketplaces and department stores, cafés and restaurants, clothing and footwear stores, pharmacies and optical shops — except for Perm Territory, where gas stations rank first. Also, Perm Territory is where people spend their reward points willingly when buying home improvement supplies and goods for their homes and dachas.

It’s interesting to see how our participants’ preferences and interests change – we encourage regular feedback and keep an eye on the aspects that help make our offers as relevant as possible for them. With the same set of purchase categories, clients choose to spend their reward points in different ways and this is very valuable information for us. Thanks to these data, we can construct our loyalty program tools more accurately and are becoming closer to the client.

At the start of last year, we added an option to transfer reward points, allowing clients to manage their savings more advantageously – e.g., making large purchases jointly with friends and family. When we conducted a similar study a year ago, we had approximately 40 million loyalty program participants. Today we have over 47 million, and we are doing all we can so that our offers and promotions receive an even more positive response.

Andrey Pisarev

Director of the Loyalty Division, Sberbank; CEO of SberSpasibo Loyalty Program