Herman Gref takes part in 2021 Gaidar Forum

Jan 14, 2021

Herman Gref has held an expert discussion with high-school and college students, researchers, and experts on the topic “Education in Russia” during the 12th Gaidar Forum with the tagline Russia and the World after the Pandemic.

The discussion was also attended by Katerina Polivanova, Scientific Director of the Center for Contemporary Childhood Research, National Research University Higher School of Economics; Andrey Kurpatov, Head of Neuroscience and Human Behavior Lab, Sberbank; Mikhail Burtsev, Head of the Neural Networks and Deep Learning lab, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

The members discussed global changes and trends behind education and artificial intelligence and talked about the new learning and development opportunities accompanying people throughout their lives.

Herman Gref, CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank:

“The world is changing, and so should education. Creating an environment where a child would enjoy education and master learning throughout one’s life is the most vital task. New technology and artificial intelligence allow engaging children in learning while freeing teachers from routine, easing their work, freeing up the teacher’s time for the most important thing — communication and development of students.

The underlying principles behind today’s school education development are education customization, shaping of skills along with the transfer of knowledge, as well as the creation of an educational culture free of stress for the child.

The SberClass platform we’re creating does not target distance learning and doesn’t replace the teacher. First and foremost, it’s about the key global trend that is education customization. This model should let any child pick one’s most organic education route.

The absolute priority we should all pursue is the creation of a cutting-edge education system, which should let Russia be even more competitive and developed down the road.”