Sber launches proprietary tax refund service

Dec 18, 2020

SberSolutions, part of the Sber ecosystem, and Sberbank’s Wealth Management Unit have designed Tax Refund, a service letting Personal Investment Account holders apply for social, property, and investment tax refunds.

The service is available on the SberSolutions website, where tax consultants will fill out a 3-NDFL declaration for you and help you send the paperwork to a tax office without leaving home. You can also consult them on the declaration of additional income, the documents for a refund, and how to send them to a tax office. Users of the Gosuslugi website can get a 2-NDFL receipt automatically in their SberSolutions member area.

Many people do not file a tax return due to the complexity of filing and lack of time. Our new service simplifies and speeds this up dramatically — on average, documents are ready in just one day. We have developed a convenient interface for your member area, simpler logging in with Sber ID, and automated 2-NDFL obtaining, and you can learn tax deduction details from our experts

Natalya Podvoyskaya

CEO of SberSolutions in Russia and CIS

We are actively engaged in building an ecosystem of services to improve the well-being of our customers. Every year we see more customers seeking registration of tax deductions, especially for investment savings products. And now we’ve marketed a convenient solution letting you refund some of the taxes, including for the products of Sber Asset Management, Sberbank life insurance, and SberNPF

Anton Sobe-Panek

Managing Director, Ecosystem Leader of the Wealth Management Unit, Sberbank

The offering lets you apply for all types of tax refunds:

· Social: treatment and tuition costs, contributions to investment and savings life insurance policies and individual pension plans (up to RUB15,600 a year) and charity donations;

· Investment: depositing into your PIA (up to RUB52,000 a year)

· Property: when buying housing (up to RUB260,000) and mortgage interest (up to RUB390,000)

The service is priced from RUB1,699 to RUB3,499 and can be enabled on the SberSolutions website.

SberSolutions (formerly Intercomp) is the founder of business process outsourcing and a leading provider of outsourcing and financial consulting in Russia and the CIS. SberSolutions serves more than 1,500 entities, including the largest Russian and international companies from all sectors of the economy. The company provides services in accounting and reporting, HR and change management, legal and tax services, consults on how to improve operational efficiency, outsources back-office functions, provides technological solutions, IT consulting services, security, and business continuity services. SberSolutions is a partner of global outsourcing leaders. Part of the Sberbank ecosystem, SberSolutions was created using the assets of Intercomp Group founded in 1994.

Wealth Management was established as a separate Sberbank unit in September 2013. It develops insurance and pension products, manages assets, and oversees the business of six subsidiaries: Sberbank life insurance, Sberbank insurance, Sberbank Insurance Broker, Sber NPF, Sber Asset Management, and Sber Real Estate Funds. The unit also includes Sberbank’s Sber Private Banking. In 2018-2020, the assets of the unit under management doubled to reach RUB1.7 tn. Its operating income soared by 57% to reach RUB121 bn. The unit’s contribution to the Group’s total operating income reached 5.5%.