Sberbank organises meeting between Russian and Turkish business in Moscow

Nov 24, 2017

November 24, 2017, Moscow – A business reception took place involving CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank Herman Gref, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Mehmet Şimşek, and CEO of DenizBank Hakan Ateş. The meeting was attended by representatives of major Russian and Turkish corporations.

Mehmet Şimşek called on the Russian-Turkish business community to take a more active approach to economic cooperation and talked about the prospects for Russian business in Turkey.

"Turkey and Russia are strong partners. We have strong trade ties with Russia and bilateral investments are rising. We have been working together to achieve regional stability and prosperity, which are Turkey’s long-standing goals and priorities", commented  Mehmet Şimşek.

"We see strong potential in the Turkish economy and are optimistic about the prospects for our business on the Turkish market. We will continue widening our offering of trans-border products which connect our countries", said Herman Gref.

Sberbank has actively operated in Turkey since 2012, when it purchased DenizBank, currently one of the largest subsidiaries of the Group. Sberbank and DenizBank have invested $6.8 bln in the Turkish economy and carried out about 60 major projects, including the construction of three airports, several hospitals and plants, and a new Bosphorus bridge. The total inflow of rouble-denominated funds in Russia through DenizBank amounts to $850 mln annually.

Sberbank clients can withdraw cash from DenizBank’s ATMs commission-free, while Turkish clients can withdraw cash from Sberbank’s ATMs commission-free thanks to the single tariff space.