Every fifth corporate customer of Sber chooses plastic-free corporate card

Mar 03, 2021

Sber has allowed its corporate customers — businesses and sole proprietors — to abandon plastic cards and choose virtual ones. In the first three days after marketing the service, plastic-free virtual cards accounted for 20% of the cards issued by Severo-Zapadny Bank.

Severo-Zapadny Bank customers can now place an order for a digital debit, premium, and corporate card for business trips via SberBusiness. Within a month, this option is set to become available throughout Russia.

A plastic-free corporate card will be activated within a day after issuance, but the bank intends to cut this time to 30 minutes. Upon activation, you’ll receive a text with account details and can start using the card right away. You’ll need a smartphone, a smart watch, or any other NFC-enabled device for that.

A plastic-free corporate card is hard to steal, can’t be lost, and its service fees are lower. You will choose your card type before issuance. If, however, you realize you still need a physical card, this option will soon become available.

Digital cards go beyond being just simpler, more convenient, and cheaper than plastic cards. Abandoning plastic is first and foremost about caring for the environment, a value that is high on Sber’s agenda. We cut our paper and plastic consumption and back these aspirations among our clients. Some time ago we offered virtual cards to our retail customers, and now more than 10% of their cards get issued without using plastic. The last few days have proved that corporate customers are interested in this product even more.

Alexander Vedyakhin

First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank