Sberbank getting over USD 35 mn in dividends from subsidiary bank in Belarus

Apr 05, 2021

According to a decision made at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders, BPS-Sberbank, Sberbank’s subsidiary bank in Belarus, is paying over BYN 94 mn in 2020 dividends, which is a record.

The payment will be made in two stages, with the first tranche received in late March and the second one scheduled for 4Q21.

“Sber’s subsidiary banks give the capital back to their shareholders, that’s their principle. In this challenging time, we believe it’s crucial to pay adequate dividends to the shareholders who invested their funds after believing in our strategy. In my opinion, it’s a positive sign for the market proving that we stand firm on our feet across all countries of operation and we can make our shareholders happy by paying them high dividends.”

Timur Kozintsev

Senior Vice President of Sberbank, Head of Sberbank International